Calculate the loan according to monthly payments


Calculate the capital knowing the monthly payment

Calculate the capital knowing the monthly payment

You plan to take out a loan and you have set a monthly payment not to exceed? From the amount you are willing to repay each month, calculate how much you can borrow. The first box corresponds to the maximum monthly payment that you authorize in the context of a loan. The second indicates the rate you borrow and the third the number of years.

The results show you the amount of capital you can borrow as well as the total cost of credit. You can repeat as many simulations as you want, as the data is automatically reset.Caution: these simulations are carried out under the assumption of a fixed rate loan with a constant repayment and the first maturity of which is 30 days, with no deferred amortization and excluding administrative fees or insurance.

Numeric example

A couple is considering realizing a real estate project. For this, it has a monthly repayment capacity of 1000 €. It plans to take out a loan for a period of 20 years at a fixed interest rate of: € 181,000 for a total cost of credit of € 58,000.

Be careful to consider credit insurance which is a compulsory part of the loan. The contribution may vary depending on the loan amount but also your age.

Think about the delegation of insurance if you are under 40 years old. Since the Lagarde reform, the bank can no longer oppose an external delegation, provided that the chosen contract has guarantees at least equivalent to that of the banking group contract.

Important : when determining the monthly installment to repay a loan, it is imperative to check that it is adapted to the maximum debt ratio authorized by the bank to know 33% of your income. On the other hand, all other outstanding loans must be taken into account.

We advise you to ask your bank or broker to set up several simulations on different durations in order to better adjust the loan to your situation.