How to Choose the Best Cash Loan in the Bank? | Business Loan

Better Cash is one of the popular brands that enables the cheapest cash loan option in the range of PLN 500 to PLN 20,000 among the offers of several banks.

Although I devote most of our pages to the non-bank market, I sometimes try to write a bit about banking offers. Today I will present an interesting topic regarding the choice of cash loan in the bank. As we know, credit is not equal and if we were to apply for a loan in a certain amount in each of the banks, I suppose that each one would propose a different loan installment. So how do you choose the cheapest and the best cash loan?

You can use the online comparison sites where most of the available banking offers are compared. The problem is that the amounts given there are often far from reality. Banks intentionally understate the values ​​given there by giving the cheapest possible loan installment option, which most often involves taking some additional financial product in the bank. It is often a large credit insurance or an additional credit card or personal account. I have already done it myself, and for example – if I received an installment of PLN 360 in the comparator, during the direct visit to the facility it turned out that the cheapest one offered by the bank would be “a bit” more, for PLN 440…

So how do you choose the cheapest and the best cash loan without such additions?

So how do you choose the cheapest and the best cash loan without such additions?

Financial brokers can help us here. However, you do not have to be afraid because they will not charge us with any additional costs for the business loan, your commission will receive your commission from the bank after finalizing the signing of the loan agreement.

So how does it work? We choose one of the companies that mediates in granting business loans and cooperates with the majority of banks that provide additional cash for any purpose. As most of these companies offer their financial services via the Internet, we can fill out the form in which the data from the ID card is most often provided together with information about the loan amount we are interested in and the period of its repayment. After sending such an application, he goes to the mentioned company and then to the banks. When the offer is ready to be presented, we receive loan offers from several or even a dozen banks, among which the most important information for us will be the cost of the loan and monthly installment.

With this information, we can choose the most advantageous offer for us that meets our expectations. It is worth checking whether the offer that we have chosen has credit insurance already included in monthly installments.