Mortgage Liquidity Loans

Obtaining liquidity can be many times complicated, in the first place because of the procedures and requirements that the bank demands and secondly because not many people can get a solidarity guarantee that supports them in case they cannot cover the amount of the credit ( And it is that paying outside loans is not anything). For these cases and for those emergencies and projects that require a slightly high investment, there are mortgage liquidity loans .

What are liquidity mortgage loans?

What are liquidity mortgage loans?

They are credits granted by the bank in exchange for a mortgage guarantee . That is, the bank lends you a percentage of the value of your home in exchange for its mortgage until you finish covering the entire loan.

In general, banks can lend you between 50 and 70% of the total value of your home, you can pay it in monthly installments with different financial conditions that will vary according to the bank, the amount of the credit and the mortgage scheme you choose.

Mortgage Duel: ABC Good Lending Vs South Lending


We suggest two financial schemes ABC Mortgage Credit Good Lending Liquidity (Highest capacity) 15 years and South Lending Super Casa Mortgage Credit (15 years) Liquidity , both will help you get the liquidity you need but with different financing conditions. Here we leave you the comparison:

As you can see, both credits have particular characteristics that could make it the best or the worst liquidity credit, it all depends on the needs of those who hire you for example:

This type of mortgage credit is recommended for people who do not require a credit greater than $ 4,200,000.00 and who want the lowest possible initial expenses. With initial expenses we refer to the following:

  • Commission for opening (This credit has no commission for opening)
  • Appraisal
  • Notarial charges

The monthly payments of this credit scheme are fixed and its term to be settled is 15 years and the client has the option of making advance payments that can be applied both to the term reduction and to the coverage of the future monthly payment.

To apply for this credit

credit score

You must be between 22 and 85 years of age and a minimum of one year in current employment. The minimum income depends on the profile of each client.

This liquidity mortgage credit scheme is convenient for those who require a larger amount of credit, since South Lending offers unlimited amount. It also offers life insurance and a 0 share in the socio-economic study.

To apply for this credit it is necessary to prove a minimum income of $ 9,000 and be between 21 and 75 years of age and a minimum of one year in current employment


Just as the previous ones there are other offers of liquidity mortgage loans that you will also be able to compare, before applying for any mortgage loan we suggest you take into account the following points:

  • Check the minimum value of the home to see if you can apply to this loan
  • Remember that the home must be in the name of the person who wishes to apply for the loan
  • Before deciding on a liquidity mortgage, don’t forget to compare various options and schemes