Online Installment Loan up to PLN 20,000


Planetcose for companies is a new offer of well-known loans on the market with an established position granting long-term loans online. In addition to loans for individuals, Planetcose provides investment loans. Do you want to develop your new business and you need money to start? Or maybe you are trying to implement a long-term business strategy that requires adequate capital? Thanks to Planetcose, you will receive a working capital loan for companies to support your business goals. One decision can accelerate the development of your business!

The Planetcose for companies is a guarantee of quick customer verification and proposing the best turnover loan for companies on the market. By submitting the application on us, you do not need to prepare a number of documents certifying your accounting in advance. In Planetcose for companies you will receive money for business activity without registration, accounting and banking documents, sureties or securities. The only conditions you have to meet are, above all, to have registered business in Poland. You just started a company? There are no contraindications for Planetcose. Apply online to receive a loan for companies without a grace period. However, remember to have a permanent address of residence in Poland and not appear in the BIG debt register.

Online Installment Loan

Online Installment Loan

The loan for companies in Planetcose is up to PLN 20,000 for 36 months of repayment starting from the first day of running a business. A huge advantage of the loan for companies is the ability to credit the costs of the loan in the costs of obtaining income. Another advantage of Planetcose for companies is the quick verification of applications and the entire registration process carried out fully via the Internet. As an entrepreneur, your time is very valuable. So you do not have to leave your home to make key decisions for your business. With Planetcose it is enough to choose the amount of the loan for companies and the repayment time. Then the last step will be to complete the application form. Immediately after sending a loan application for companies, you will receive a message about granting an investment loan. Money instantly lands on your account and you can start to grow your business!

How to check how much does a loan for companies cost? You can see a representative example of a loan for companies or read the Table of Fees and Commissions, available on one of the subpages. The most convenient way to use the loan costs calculator for companies is on the home page of the website. Using virtual sliders, we select the amount of loans for companies and indicate the repayment time. Below we will see the APRC, interest rate, preparation fee, interest on loan repayment for companies, the duration of the working loan, the total amount to be repaid and the number of installments.